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Fashion in Sharp Focus

eyebobs introduces two new summer sunreaders just in time for August getaways. And, why not pair B’Witched (above) and Charmed (below) with the most fashionable summer release? Focus: The Secret, Sexy, Sometimes Sordid World of Fashion Photographers, by New York Times bestselling author Michael Gross, brings the

Steps to keep your feet looking and feeling their youngest

You exercise regularly, eat well, maintain an active lifestyle and take your medications as prescribed every day. You’re doing everything you can to age gracefully and beautifully, but are you overlooking an aspect of self-care that’s fundamental to overall good health … your feet? By the time

Book Review: Been In Love Before by Bryan Mooney

Romance readers are used to having the storyline revolve around women. So, finding “Been In Love Before ” by Bryan Mooney is like a breath of fresh air because this time, three men are taking center stage. The Macgregor brothers—Robert, Eian, and Ryan—are all recently widowed and

The Body Shop Opens its Doors at Stonebriar Centre in Frisco, TX

For its 40th year, The Body Shop’s birthday gift to itself is expanding its presence in the US and globally by opening new stores with a fresh look and enhanced customer experience. As part of the celebration, the iconic British-based beauty brand opens its doors near Dallas,

When Paris Sizzled by Mary McAuliffe

The subtitle “The 1920s Paris of Hemingway, Chanel, Cocteau, Cole Porter, Josephine Baker, and Their Friends” was the one that really drew me in for this book. Being a Francophile, the title “When Paris Sizzled” was enough to catch my attention. But, being a fashion journo, the

Red, White and Blue, Stars Over You on Labor Day

Unless you are part of the presidential campaign, Labor Day will be the final day of summer when you can wear primary colors with aplomb. Here is our selection for your Labor Day wardrobe! 1) Lafont sunglasses ($399) 2) Mythologia handmade sandals ($313) 3) Panache

5 gigs that will help you pay for college

Let’s face it — college is expensive. Whether you’re still in school trying to pay for textbooks and housing, a professional facing your student loans or a parent saving for your child’s future tuition, the cost of an education can result in debt that looms for decades.

“Metal” Winners in Gold, Silver, Bronze

The Rio Olympics might have been out of your reach, but you can have gold, silver and bronze right at your doorstep, thanks to From left to right: Cuba T-Bar Sandals ($65), BFT California Slip-Ons ($69), BFT Laos Jute Trim Sandals ($65).