Book Review: Gage by Katherine Garbera

A story of familial love and romantic love, “Gage” by Katherine Garbera follows bull rider Gage Powell and denim heiress Sierra Montez. With both of them hell bent on proving to their fathers that they are no longer kids, it seems that whatever they feel for each other have been placed in the back burner.

Yet in between all the family drama and the dangers of bull riding, their attraction for each other cannot be denied. The question is, will they listen to their hearts or their heads?

A fast and easy read, “Gage” is a feel good book that gives you a sigh of contentment when you reach the final page.

Gage” is Rated M for Mature due to sexual content.


Gage Powell might have made his debut on the professional tour a little late, but that hasn’t stopped the 24-year-old from taking the circuit by storm. He rides with a rough style that’s reminiscent of his brother, famed bull rider Marty Powell, who was killed just a few months before Gage’s 18th birthday. When Gage rides, it’s as if he’s riding for more than himself.

Sierra Montez has grown up around the rodeo and is used to the swagger of the bull riders. She thinks she’s immune to their charms until she comes face-to-face with Gage in a business meeting. She tries to keep their meeting professional, but Gage wants Sierra and he isn’t a man who ever backs down from what he wants. While Sierra finds him exciting and hard-to-resist, she wants more for herself than following a gold buckle winner around the country.

Can Gage convince her that he’s more than his reputation and that she’s the only prize he’s really after?

Collage photos: Fort Worth Stockyards photo by Tina Shaw, Bull rider photo by Skeeze, both at Pixabay. Girl in Jeans photo by Pete Bellis in Unsplash.