Book Review: Love by Accident by Michelle Beattie


Ghost Story
5 Stars

In the grand tradition of “Ghost”, “Love by Accident” follows Lauren McKinnon and Matt Skarpinksy. After 4 years of not seeing each other, they meet again at the Rockies in Jasper Alberta. Because of their long personal history, being friends again was out of the question. Yet, as they delve into their past, the two of them becoming lovers was getting more likely everyday.

A haunting story (pun intended), there are three protagonists in the story, though we cannot see one of them. Poignant and sweet, “Love by Accident” pulls you in. Lauren and Matt’s pain and suffering feel real and you cannot help but admire them also as they not just survive their ordeal but able to overcome what life had thrown their way.

You want to hug Lauren and you want to hug Matt; but you don’t want to hold their hands because you know that they can make it on their own. What more can you ask for from your protagonists!

Beautiful story that haunts you till the end. (this time, pun is intended)

Love by Accident