Book Review: Must Love Cowboys by Cheryl Brooks

must love cowboy“When God closes a door, He opens a window,” goes an old saying. In “Must Love Cowboys ,” shy computer specialist and amateur chef Tina Hayes found herself living it!

At loose ends after her grandfather’s death whom she was the primary caregiver for more than a year, Tina travelled to the Circle Bar K ranch to do her grandfather’s final wish, for his old army buddy to get his old letters. While there, a series of events had Tina staying and take the post as the ranch’s cook.

Her reason to stay was not entirely without ulterior motives though. She wanted to know gorgeous ex-firefighter-turned-cowboy Wyatt McCabe more. But, all is not well at the Circle Bar K ranch. The fence being cut regularly and often has become more than an annoyance. It had turned suspicious.

And the plot thickened as Tina, Wyatt and the rest of the Circle Bar K cowboys did some sleuthing with things not adding up.

This is the second contemporary western novel that I’ve read written by Cheryl Brooks and she did not disappoint. Steamy and sexy has always been her signature style, which “Must Love Cowboys ” have in spades. With the addition of a little bit of mystery, the book turned out to be a masterful read. Just imagine gorgeous cowboys sleuthing in a ranch and you will get the picture.

The book also exhibits Ms. Brooks growth as a writer. Though her highly Cat Chronicles series seems to be on hiatus (I still hope she writes a few more of those), her contemporary western romances are also gathering her new fans.

Must Love Cowboys (Cowboy Heaven)” is Rated M for Mature due to sexual content.


Shy computer specialist and amateur chef Tina Hayes travels to Circle Bar K ranch to scatter her grandfather’s ashes in the Tetons of Wyoming. Once there, her father’s old army buddy and his cast of cowboy ranch hands persuade her to stay on as the ranch’s cook for a while. It’s not a hard decision, especially when she meets Wyatt McCabe, a man who makes her heart gallop like no one else. But with so many cowboys to choose from, can Wyatt show Tina that he’s the only one for her?