Book Review: Rebel by Cheryl Brooks

rebelFor “Rebel”, the 10th book in the Cat Star Chronicles series, author Cheryl Brooks returns to the city of Damenk in the planet Rhylos, home of the Zetithian Palace brothel where Tarq Zulveidinoe, Jerden Morokovitz and Onca made a living making love to women.

Zetithian males are legendary for their prowess in the bedroom. And that is the reason why their home planet Zetith was destroyed by Rutger Grekkor, a jealous husband whose wife Amelyana took a Zetithian as a lover.

Tarq, Jerden and Onca were part of the few hundred survivors of that genocide who were saved while they were still children and had to live in a spaceship for 20 years before Rutger Grekkor was finally neutralized.

As crazy as it seemed, these three young men decided that Terra Minor, the new designated homeworld of Zetithians was too tame for them.

Pooling together the money that they received from the trust fund that Amelyana set up as reparations for all Zetithians, Tarq, Jerden and Onca went to Rhylos, the sin planet of the galaxy (think of Las Vegas but it is planetwide instead of just a city) to build the Zetithian Palace brothel.

All three made a mint selling their services. Tarq Zulveidinoe and Jerden Morokovitz had retired a few years back and for the past two years, Onca was the only one running the Palace.But, everything changes that night. Onca had serviced his final client and the Palace is closed indefinitely. But, fate has a sense of humor. On his way home, Onca rescues Kimcasha, a homeless Zetithian waif who had been living on the streets for so long she did not even know that Zetith had been destroyed and that there is a trust fund waiting for her at Terra Minor.Fans of “Cat Star Chronicles” know that while “Rebel” is the story of Onca, the story of Tarq Zulveidinoe was told in “Stud ” and Jerden Morokovitz was told in “Wildcat ”.

As a follower of this series, I always think of the first 5 as the original series and “Virgin ”, the story of Dax as the bridge for the next three which happened to be Stud, Wildcat and Rebel.

As a whole, it is a very entertaining series. Cheryl Brooks created a humanoid race which is unique and different from all the other races presented in the sci-fi genre be it books, television and the movies. That she wrote the stories as lighthearted romances with enough sexy scenes to make the novels steamy is a plus.

But, Ms. Brooks also has a serious side as seen in “Virgin ” wherein Dax and Ava ended a planetary civil war and also in “Rebel” where Onca and Kimcasha made the government and people of Rhylos aware of the plight of their homeless and sex trade workers.

Ironically, as Zetithians, Onca and Kimcasha are actually ordinary. They are average in looks (though they are gorgeous in the eyes of other races) and intelligence. That they started a rebellion and actually have followers is quite an accomplishment.

And finally, fans of “Cat Star Chronicles” will be glad to know that Captain Jack and her husband Cat plus Tisana and Leo made more than just cameo appearances. They were actually a big part of the story.

On a personal note, I would like to say that I was wrong in my prediction that Jack, Cat, Tisana and Leo will remain mainly erotica characters. With hindsight, I also want to say that they are the characters that glue the series together especially Captain Jack and Cat.

Another personal note: I hope that this is NOT the end of the series. I believe that there are still several stories to tell. I hope that Ms. Brooks revisits Manx and Drusilla who are living on Planet Earth, Trag and Micayla who both work in a ship and both are full Zetithians and Tychar and Kyra who are both musicians.

This book is rated M for Mature due to sexual content.