Book Review: The Sheriff’s Christmas Angels by Debra Holt

Believe! That is the message of “The Sheriff’s Christmas Angels,” a feel good novel by Debra Holt that spreads the spirit of the Season of Giving.

Having been alone since her mother’s death, Emma Cramer has always dreamt of a loving family. Sheriff and rancher Cole Drayton has always had a loving family. But, he is also a single dad raising a daughter. Busy wearing three hats, he does not have time for love, that is until a beautiful stranger walked into his life courtesy of his mother.

The arrangement was clear cut. For six months, Emma was to be the lived-in baby sitter and home office help. Easy peasy, right? Well… that only lasted for a few days as Cole’s daughter and her puppy wormed their way into Emma’s heart.

Meanwhile, the ice surrounding Cole’s heart was also melting. And everyday, it was a struggle for him not to fall in love with Emma.

With their personal baggage already a hindrance for them to have a meaningful relationship, life throws them a curved ball which can send both of them running away from love.

The Sheriff’s Christmas Angels” is Rated T for Teens due to adult situations. There are no sex scenes in this book.


Angels. Emma Cramer doesn’t consider herself an angel by any stretch of the imagination. Temporarily stranded, broke and unable to pursue her dreams of working in the big city following her mother’s death, Emma’s life changes when she rescues a small child and a puppy who get trapped in a garage where Emma’s truck has finally breathed its last . The girl’s relieved and grateful grandmother believes Emma has been sent by angels because her family needs temporary help. She offers Emma a job, a good salary and a place to stay until after the holidays. It seems like a Christmas miracle for both of them.

Angels often appear when least expected, but when the most needed. Cynical sheriff and rancher Cole Drayton has heard that all his life, but he’s never been in the market for much else. He can take care of his daughter, his ranch and his family on his own without his meddling mother, but his long protected heart and desire for isolation is no match for a beautiful stranded stranger and a misfit puppy who make his daughter laugh and him feel alive again.

Can unsuspecting hearts intersect at the moment when love and trust is needed most? Anything is possible with the magic of the Christmas season and faith in the Christmas angels.

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