Book Review: Taming Mad Max by Theresa Ragan


Hilarious with some Seriousness Thrown in
4 Stars

Kari Murphy and Max Dutton met while they were in high school. Fourteen years later, Kari literally walked in to Max’s life. But though, Kari has not forgotten her, Max has no recollection of her.

A romantic comedy sprinkled with a few serious issues that is discussed in the main plot and two subplots, “Taming Mad Max” is good read and would have gotten a higher rating from me if not for the very derogatory portrayal of the female characters including the protagonists and the supporting characters. The only female character that actually made sense is 13-year old Molly.

The heroine started strong became wimpy and pigheaded as the story went on. Then two characters became nothing but groupies for NFL players. And then another female who declares she is independent but still gladly accept support from her family. I could go on, but the women in this book turned out to be pathetic.

Though the book tried to show that the men are the stupid ones, but as it turned out, the men who might be neanderthal at times are actually the ones who are levelheaded.

taming mad max