Book Review: The Tycoon’s Proposal by Melody Anne


When is a bad boy not a bad boy?
2 Stars

The third book on “Baby for the Billionaire” series, “The Tycoon’s Proposal” follows Ryan and Nicole, who were high school sweethearts but lost touch and met again because Nicole needed Ryan’s financial help for her sister Patsy’s medical treatment.

But, there were unresolved issues between the two of them that dates back to their high school years, and their love story revolved around on how it was resolved.

***Possible SPOILERS so please beware***
After reading the book, I realized that the author wanted to portray Ryan as a Bad Boy, but he came out as a bully. It takes some finesse to create an anti-hero, and though Ryan has all the makings of one, the way his character was developed made him into a chauvinist jerk.

Nicole was a little better, though her stubbornness made her look petulant at times. C’mon, she already knew that Ryan was very rich and he had to deal with clients. Wearing a cheap discount dress to a party just to defy Ryan is just being childish and not making a statement.

Supporting characters Jasmine and Trinity (who were lead characters in the first two books) were made to be girlish instead of mature sophisticated women who run their own business and married to very rich men. The three women had a “slumber” party to primp for the masquarade ball instead of just going to the spa, which is really what women their age and social stature usually do.

And finally, there were so many grammatical errors that it was jarring.

To answer my own question, “when is a bad boy not a bad boy?” When he is trying too hard to be a nice guy that he ends up being a bully.

The Tycoons Proposal