Book Review: Whiskey River Runaway by Justine Davis

A story of courage, “Whiskey River Runaway ” is also about finding love in the most unexpected place. When Truett Mahan found Hope Larson squatting in one of his renovation projects, he did not know that she will give him a new leash on life and vice versa.

Losing wife several years ago, True would not even give any woman a second look. Having been on the run for some time, Hope never even had any chance to develop any meaningful relationship, whether friendship or romance.

Yet, True and Hope found themselves in love. And being true to her name, Hope was hoping that it can lost forever. But, there are other forces beyond their control that can destroy whatever happiness they have found. The question is, will they fight for it or will they runaway.

A beautiful read that makes you believe in the power of love and friendship. True and Hope will tug at your heartstrings and you will find yourself rooting for them to make the right decision,

Whiskey River Runaway ” is Rated M for Mature due to violence and adult situation. The sex scenes are implied and not graphic.


When widower Truett Mahan finds a trespasser hiding in one of his building renovation projects, he thinks he has a runaway teen on his hands. He’s right about the runaway, but Hope Larson is all woman, and in desperate need of help. True never turns away a person in trouble, but helping Hope wakes up feelings and dreams he thought buried with his wife years ago.

Hope was forced to run to protect the people she loves, paring her life down to what fits in her backpack. True tempts her to stop running and set down some roots in Whiskey River, a town she’s come to love.

Can this strong, honorable man help her retake her life, or will the danger she’d left behind strike out at them both?

Banner photos: Girl and Horse by Kenny Webster, Man and Tools by Unknown, both on Unsplash.