MYKITA Introduces Anik and Luava

Retro meets grunge for the here-and-now – with a rounded vintage silhouette, LUAVA feels both fresh and familiar. Outrageously flattering on a range of face shapes, the sunglass frame also signals a return to solid red. Mixed material sidekick ANIK features bold, oversize proportions and accentuated side-pieces for a feminine expression. The generous acetate front gives the newly developed sorbet colour series a chance to shine, available flavours include: Lemon, Melon and Rhubarb.

Models: LUAVA & ANIK
Collection: LITE SUN
Material: Stainless steel, acetate
Colours: Champagne / Glossy Gold, Antigua / Champagne Gold, Red / Champagne Gold, Rhubarb Sorbet / Shiny Copper
Price: 399 EUR / 519 USD / 51,000 YEN