New from Indie Authors: Flower Girl by David Marshall Hunt and Island Bluffs by Alan A. Winter

flower girlFlower Girl: A Burton Family Mystery by David Marshall Hunt

Twitter: @drdmhunt
Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA)
Pub Date Mar 5 2015


Masterfully crafted by David Marshall Hunt, ‘Flower Girl’ is inspired by the author’s passion for melding cultures and legends from dozens of countries around the world.

What happens when a scientist with top secret clearance and a rogue CIA agent join forces, and he happens to be her father?

As a kidnapped orphan she is hired out as a flower girl on Cheju-do Island, Korea the honeymoon capital of Asia. At 12 she is rescued from being sold as a child bride. Her rescuer is a CIA Agent, who happens to be her father, who returns her to the USA to get an education. At 26 she is a scientist and linguist with a top secret clearance working for a government contractor when her father suggests that they start a family business as assassins for hire. An unexpected turn of events on an assignment sends them back to Cheju-do where she is faced with the difficult choice of service to family and community or revenge.

island bluffIsland Bluffs by Alan A. Winter

Twitter: @awinternovels
Pub Date Apr 7 2015


Carly Mason, NY’s top forensic dentist is married to a widower, Gabe Berk (née Berkowitz), and is now trying to start a family. Gabe has a seventeen-year-old, rebellious daughter–Megan–from his first marriage. Having exhausted all of NYC’s top fertility experts, Carly and Gabe learn of an eccentric scientist, a survivor of the Mengele twin experiments, who runs an exclusive clinic near the Jersey shore. The doctor will help Carly provided that she agrees to a Faustian deal: Carly must agree to carry twins, one will be biologically hers and for the other, she will function as a surrogate. She must agree to give the surrogate baby up to the doctor at birth, no questions asked. We learn that the doctor has created this same deal–always with success–ten other times. There is one last caveat: Carly and Gabe must move to within thirty minutes of the clinic in her last trimester.

The Berks open up century old wounds in the town while trying to uncover the truth behind their doctor’s eclectic methods. The enigma of Island Bluffs challenges the very core of morality where forgiveness and retribution intersect.